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09/08/22 - noun: 1. Any of various small, thickset, short-tailed, furry rodents. 2. One who mindlessly conforms or follows, especially toward disaster.

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«Quanto al nome era una democrazia, ma di fatto era il governo di uno solo. [parlando della democrazia sotto Pericle]»
Aforisma di Tucidide
2022-07-24 03:30:02

«[A chi gli chiedeva di dire qualcosa di destra] A froci... [Secolo d'Italia, 13 novembre 2007]» (Francesco Storace)
Frase celebre di Francesco Storace
2022-07-23 03:30:15

«La musica e la vita sono solo questioni di stile.»
Aforisma di Miles Davis
2022-07-23 03:30:02

adjective: 1. Self-referential. 2. Relating to members of its own category. adverb: In a self-referential manner. noun: Something that is self-referential. prefix: Denoting transformation, transcending, going beyond, etc.
2022-07-22 14:56:05

noun: 1. Misleading, evasive, or ambiguous speech or action. 2. Desertion of a party, position, cause, etc.
2022-07-21 14:46:16

noun: A little smile.
2022-07-20 14:46:11

«La riconoscenza è il sentimento della vigilia.» (Enrico De Nicola)
Frase celebre di Enrico De Nicola
2022-07-20 03:30:14

noun: The study of grasses.
2022-07-19 14:45:49

verb intr.: To make a speech, especially in a tedious or pompous manner.
2022-07-18 14:36:17

noun: An agreement, especially between nations, to submit disputes to arbitration.
2022-07-15 14:25:33

noun: A laborer or a construction worker.
2022-07-14 14:16:11

verb tr.: To force someone to do something; coerce.
2022-07-12 14:05:55

noun: A base, support, or supporting framework.
2022-07-11 14:05:33

«Svegliatevi italiani, brava gente, qua la truffa è grossa e congegnata, lavoro intermittente, solo un'emittente, pure l'aria pura va pagata.»
Aforisma di Mannarino
2022-07-09 03:30:02

noun: A close friendship between men.
2022-07-08 13:46:05

«Non c'è nulla d'immutabile tranne l'esigenza di cambiare.» (Eraclito)
Frase celebre di Eraclito
2022-07-08 03:30:16

noun: One who follows a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally consumes animal products. adjective: Primarily but not completely vegetarian.
2022-07-07 13:45:47

«Non c'è nulla d'immutabile tranne l'esigenza di cambiare.»
Aforisma di Eraclito
2022-07-07 03:30:02

noun: 1. A long tapering flag. 2. A flag symbolizing a sports championship or another achievement. 3. A victory, championship, etc.
2022-07-06 13:35:41

noun: Songs, poems, stories, etc., transmitted orally across generations.
2022-07-05 13:26:08

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